Business Intelligence

    We are leading the Greek market in projects related to real-time market information and econometric modelling. We have extensive experience in large-scale projects for market evaluation and performance assessment in Greece and abroad.

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    Marketing Intelligence

    Alternative’s senior executives bring into your marketing and communication strategy a wealth of top-level experience and a degree of expertise that results from a long exposure to multiple industries and markets in a senior capacity.

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    Consumer Intelligence

    The value of research lies in the ability of the researcher to read through the results, understand the “story” behind them, and offer conclusions that relate directly to the issues at hand.

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    Grow your Business

    Challenging strategy is the measure of intelligence

    • We integrate with your processes, systems and mentality
    • We have extensive marketing experience
    • We utilize the most innovative technologies
    • We employ the best people
    • We understand your business


    The Proof is in the Projects