Business Intelligence

    Window to the Market

    Know the Reality of the Market in Real Time

    We are leading the Greek market in projects related to real-time market information. We have extensive experience in large-scale projects for market evaluation and performance assessment in Greece and abroad. This requires high caliber design and execution, know-how and technological infrastructure which we are continuously developing for over a decade. Our state-of-the-art technology is demonstrated in the Real Time Fan system.

    business intelligence

    Real Time Fan

    The RTF System is an intelligence platform designed to collect vast amounts of information from multiple points-of-origin, to subject these data to rigorous quality-assurance routines, to analyze the resulting “clean” data, and to distribute Business Intelligence Reports to multiple Decision Makers on a custom “need-to-know” basis, in Real Time.

    The system is currently used to cover a wide spectrum of business intelligence needs, from retail and sales-force evaluation to customer traffic reporting and mystery shopping. The platform is also ideal for census since it has the ability to present the collected market-place information, including images and comments, on Google maps in Real Time.

    Point-of-Sale Audits

    Alternative offers a range of services that allow clients to specify totally customized, on-going Point-of-Sale evaluation programs. Typically, client organizations specify a range of Key Performance Indicators that are used to evaluate the execution of marketing, merchandizing, and sales plans. Alternative undertakes the total “vertical” design, implementation, execution, and maintenance of an on-going market-evaluation plan that delivers real-time market intelligence to key client Decision Makers.

    Sales-Force Evaluation

    Sales-Force Evaluation studies are designed to evaluate the market execution of client business strategies, tactics, and operations in an objective, fair, reliable, and valid manner. Working together with the client organization, Alternative sets up a project that aims to use client-specified Key Performance Indicators so as to evaluate entire hierarchies of employees, for example Sales Teams and Merchandizing Teams.

    Data Consolidation

    Alternative can provide a flexible, secure and efficient model to achieve project objectives concerning the identification and collection of information on any outlets / existing and potential customers located in a particular territory with focus on Core Outlet Universe & New Channels of Interest. Furthermore we use our model in order to manage and maintain customer database for sales and routing purposes, to estimate and project market value in terms of revenue and analyze quality of share and to re-prioritize routed clients in terms of their actual and potential value.


    In a radically changing environment companies are in need of continuously locating and reassessing their retail customer base. Alternative has the ability to present the collected market-place information, including images and comments, on Google maps in Real Time.

    Business Modelling

    Optimize your ROI

    Although all macro-economic and internal information is well-known to decision-makers, the complex relationships of particular elements of the marketing-mix and the external environment, their interaction and influence on revenue and communication effectiveness, is not always obvious.

    This results in a sub-optimal use of resources, or in large opportunity costs. Business modelling is the application of the science of mathematics in business so as to optimize planning.

    Alternative employs one of the most advanced data-science teams in Greece and at the same time cooperates with very experienced marketing effectiveness agencies abroad.

    This means an unparalleled ability to meta-analyse existing data in order to better understand the influencing parameters of sales or communication effectiveness, through the creation of business models that accurately forecast all factors that affect ROI.