Marketing Intelligence

    marketing intelligenceAlternative undertakes strategic planning projects, using research results and applying the resulting understandings, implications, and intuitions in a creative manner, with the explicit objective of producing tangible market and business results.

    Alternative’s senior executives bring a wealth of top-level experience and a degree of expertise that results from a long exposure to multiple industries and markets in a senior capacity.

    Alternative’s proven expertise and demonstrable track-record in applying research-based knowledge to create market-beating communications strategy is deployed both directly to client firms, and indirectly via Advertising Agencies that seek to provide their customers with the very best in knowledge-based communications strategy development and deployment.

    In regards to branding or rebranding, new product development or redevelopment and organizational change, we have created a joint-venture called Alternative-iGrow.

    Companies need to understand the global and local environment in terms of technological and societal changes and develop a strategy for distinctive positioning, efficiencies and top line growth. With senior brainpower and strategic tools, in Alternative-iGrow we initiate, assist and support the disruption process internally in the organization or externally, between the company and the market.