Our Facilities

    Our FacilitiesOur offices are located in the Gazi district of Athens, Greece, an area of the city that is full of life, entertainment and stimuli. Our location is a place that is a reminder that researching is not a job like all the others: when you go home you take it with you. And the next morning in the office, it takes you with it. That is why it must be inspiring where it takes you.

    Our qualitative research facilities enable high-quality viewing (via one-way mirror) in order to facilitate sound consumer analysis. Each room is fully equipped with proper climate control, furnishings and video recording equipment. Closed circuit TVs are setup in the viewing room with stationary cameras in the focus group room to allow for live viewing of the group as well as recording.

    Non-traditional focus groups are a great and cost-effective way to gain crucial insights from consumers.  They can be conducted in coffeehouses, restaurants, medical facilities, residences, and offices.  Our experienced moderators and project managers will help you gain expedient & accurate results. Audio and Video recording services are provided with each off-site project for the accurate archival of your group.